Security Cameras – CCTV Installation

CCTV has come a long way from grainy black and white video recorded on hard to search through tape. Most systems now include digital video recorders (DVRs)

DVRs greatly increase picture quality while making it incredibly easy to find video, based on date/time and camera location. It’s also simple to make copies of any video for storage onto a CD or save to another digital drive.

CCTV is a simple yet effective security system that can be credited with:CCTV Camera

  • Reassuring employees and boosting safety
  • Reducing antisocial activity by providing a highly visible deterrent
  • Reducing cost of liability and insurance in some cases
  • Providing peace of mind when being away from your home or premises

Checklist Security works with leading brands such as HIKvision and Xview, and can provide a basic one camera system or help you customise and install a multi-camera CCTV system.  When needed we can further enhance your CCTV setup by adding additional security features such as:

  • On demand or on movement only recording
  • Remote Access from your PC or iphone
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring

CCTV is often a starting point for home and office security and can be integrated with other security features to provide a complete security system for your building.

If you are thinking about a CCTV system, give us call on 0428 377 203, or send us a message:  We’ll be happy to talk with you about your options with CCTV.

Checklist Security has almost 20 years experience installing and maintaining security systems in Adelaide and  through our extensive network of local partners and suppliers we can build the security system that meets your needs and budget.