Home Alarm Systems

If you need a complete home alarm system, then we have a system just for you. Our home security alarms are tailor made to your requirements, giving you peace of mind and saving you costs.

Home Alarm Systems are not all created equal

Not every home is the same and as such not all security requirements are equal. At Cheklist we work with you to ensure the alarm system installed is as simple or as high tech as needed.

The Basic Home Alarm System

Most home alarm systems start with the securing of the most vulnerable parts of a house, windows and doors. This is done via installation of window break and window opening detection devices as well as door contacts.  When the system is engaged any window or door tampering will trigger an alarm.

Further Customisation for your Alarm System

Basic alarm systems can be all that is required in some installations, however modern alarm systems can do so much more, and offer true value for money.

Your Security Alarm System can also:

  • Connect to a 24/7 monitoring service, alerting the appropriate emergency services in the event of alarm activation.
  • Monitor your Fire and other home Alarms, alerting your monitoring service in the event of Fire or even a flood.
  • Connect to video verification, to rule out any false alarms
  • Create a video recording of events, which greatly helps with insurance claims as well as provides evidence for prosecution
  • Connect to personal panic and medical alarms, to help protect against accidents and medical emergencies in the home.

Because so much of the security system is done through state of the art wireless and electronic technology we can also offer a level of home automation including:

  • Light and power activation
  • Locking and unlocking mechanisms

A Complete Alarm System

Given the highly customisable nature of alarm systems, working with the correct security company will ensure you get a system that is not only properly installed and built but also that all your security concerns are discussed and addressed promptly and professionally.  We at Checklist Security Group are proud to be serving the city of Adelaide for over 30 years, and are happy to guide you through the selection of the system that best meets your needs.


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