Video Intercom in the City

We recently had a call from a real estate rental agency in Adelaide. They had a tenant whose intercom was not working properly. The property was a group of units built quite some years ago. All units had originally had the exact same intercom installed. However, one had already been replaced, which meant it was a bit different from the others.
Neal came to the conclusion that finding the exact fault would be time-consuming and expensive to the client. Even if he was able to find the fault, we did not know if it would be repairable.
We consulted with the rental agency, who spoke to the owner. We quoted on a new video intercom system that looked somewhat similar at the door station to the other one that had been replaced, so that meant there would be some sense of continuity aesthetically.
The owner accepted the quote and we were able to provide the tenant with a brand new video intercom. They were delighted, especially as the old one was only an audio intercom. The real estate agency were delighted with our service and have since given us more work.