Data Cabling and Phone Points

If you need to update the current data wiring for your building, or if you need additional data or phone points within your home or office, we can help

Phone Points

Do you need extra phone points in your bedroom or office? Then no need to look further. Checklist is there to install extra phone sockets and data sockets.

Checklist provides installation service of extra phone points, ADSL filters and cabling on domestic and commercial sites. You can call Checklist to install extra phone lines where ever you want in your home or office.Data and Phone Cabling Installation

Neal is a licensed cabler and can provide the best phone cabling solution for voice, ADSL splitters and filters for home or office in Adelaide, South Australia. He provides the complete cabling solutions for telecommunication cabling requirements of his customers efficiently.

You will need to install extra phone sockets in case you want to attach some other device or other phone with your telephone line.

You will need to install an ADSL filter if you want to separate the analog voice-frequency signals from the data signals. ADSL filter/ splitters are used to minimize the “noise” on the telephone line caused by ADSL data signals.

If you want more information on phone points and ADSL filters or want to install them in your home or office. Call or drop an e-mail now to Neal or Christine.

Data Cabling

Checklist is an expertise and reliable company for installing cabling systems for homes and small offices in South Australia.

Checklist uses the cables that come with manufacturer’s warranty. The cables and connectors used in data cabling by him are at least of category 5E standard and above, that ensures the fast speed of data transfer.

Whether you are moving or setting up your office, building or renovating your home, you will need a professional and  licensed cable installer for data cabling throughout the home or office. Neal is an authorised installer of data cables in South Australia.
If you are renovating or building new home, then contact Neil who can easily and perfectly install data cables and connectors all over the building. This will help you to keep your house walls free from hanging and loose cables. Installing cables from licensed cable installer also ensures that the quality work is done and the cables used are of good quality.

Contact Neal, to have proper and appropriate data cables installation in office and home. He is a professional installer with whom you can discuss your data cabling requirements and Neal will provide you best data cabling installation service.