Video intercom security systems

When it comes to security in the home or business, having a video intercom system is often the solution that provides the greatest peace of mind.

Intercom systems are:

  • Highly Visible, thus a great deterrent
  • Highly Customizable, in look and in functionality
  • Scalable, to fit a single family home, a multifamily building or business

With a properly installed intercom system by Checklist Security, you can easily and safely identify visitors from inside your house or office without any need to open the door. You can communicate with any visitor using both video and audio, and grant access through electronic door locks all from within your house or business.

At Checklist Security we know all systems are not created equal, and not everyone needs all features available, so we work with a variety of top video intercom products that we can customize and scale to your need.

Single Family Homes or Small Business Intercom Systems:

For single-family homes or businesses, we have economical 2 wire solutions that can save you time and money in installation. These 2 wire systems are also ideal for refurbishment of older properties, as they will work over existing wiring saving you costly upgrades.

Kenwei Video IntercomThese systems provide:

  • Up to 2 doors secured and fitted with video (or audio only) intercoms
  • Up to 4 inside stations with monitors

We can also customize these systems to include:

  • Internal communication
  • Electronic door locks
  • Recoded messages
  • Automatic and manual Image capture
  • Integrated home automation (control lighting, etc.)
  • Variety of colours and materials to fit with your décor
  • And more

Scalable solutions for Business and Multi Family buildings

When it comes to providing security to commercial, educational, medical or other larger organization we have the video intercom systems for you.

Our starter business intercom systems provide:Wireless-wired-GSM-SMS-Home-Security-Alarm-System-PIR

  • Up to 4 doors outfitted with video intercom
  • Up to 8 internal stations with monitors

These systems can and often include the following:

  • RDIF Tag reader for controlled entry
  • Access Keypad (To enter an access code)
  • Internal communication
  • Electronic door locks
  • Recoded messages
  • Automatic and manual Image capture
  • Variety of colours and finishes to match your décor
  • And more

Video Intercom Customisations welcomed

Do you need more doors secured, want additional external cameras? Not a problem contact us with your requirements, we can work with you! We work with state of the art manufacturers of video security systems
including Aiphone, Kenwei and X View. This ensures we can offer you the best value systems that match your needs.